About Anat

Anat was born in Israel, and fell in love with Brazilian Samba after experiencing Brazilian music and watching Brazilian Samba dancers that came to perform in Israel. She particularly loved the fast foot movements, shimmies,  hip movements, and whole-body motions of Brazilian dance all synchronized to the beat of the drums. She found  Brazilian Samba to be a perfect match with her personality, being filled with lots of uplifting happy energy.

She draws her inspiration from many Samba traditions, especially those of Samba  Rio and Samba Heggae. Rio style is centered in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and is famous for its particularly sexy moves and exotic colorful feathered costumes. Samba Heggae style is centered more in the town of Salvador in Bahia, and is characterized more by its Afro-Brazilian influences.

Anat travelled to America in 1992, and searched for Brazilian Samba experiences in the Bay Area. She  studied with Mary Dollar and Samba Do Careucao. She has performed  with Samba Do Curescao is various venues, festivals. She danced with Birds of Paradise Samba group, Energia do Samba, and has danced in  San Francisco Carnivale parades for 18 years.  She gives  solo performances at venues of all types, and travels extensively to study and perform .

Anat is also very involved in Hustle dancing (which originated in New York in the 1970s, as was made famous by the performances of John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. She has won numerous awards for her Hustle performances, including the National Championship in 2006, 2007 and 2008 in New York.

Anat is an experienced Samba dance teacher and is available for private lessons. Her Samba classes meet regularly at Ashkenez in Berkeley, California every Thursday evening at 5:30 Pm.

Anat has been performing with her dance troupe Samba Beauty, of which she is the founder and choreographer. Samba Beauty is available to perform at private parties, restaurants, weddings, birthdays, holiday celebrations, parades and festive events of all types.